Airport and airline costs and revenues are a highly
specialised area.


ASA has a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial and economic assessment and in evaluating airport and airline investment both at a project level and for the airport or airline entity as a whole.  Typical studies include future airport charges and commercial revenue assessment, capital investment (capex) and financial appraisal techniques (NPV, IRR, project payback etc).

ASA provides advice to airport operators, investors and developers on the financial viability of airport development. This includes capital investment planning, aeronautical and commercial revenue and expenditure appraisal to evaluate the financial sustainability of airport development. Due diligence advice can also be provided for airport sales transactions. Economic impact appraisal (EIA) is also undertaken to evaluate the effect of airport development on on-site and off-site employment and local and national GDP.

Illustrative projects

Market and financial feasibility study – UK regional airport

ASA is undertaking a market and financial feasibility study for a potential investor in a regional airport in SE England...

Carlisle Airport

Advice to Carlisle City Council relating to the potential development of Carlisle Airport following its...

Exeter Airport

Preparation of a business plan for the future development of Exeter International Airport on behalf of a consortium...

St Petersburg International Airport

Development of a financial model for a new international terminal to provide a valuation for an international...

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